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Recently, they began to turn to me more and more often to ask for help in choosing a favorable date for a wedding, starting a business (submitting documents for registration), sending them on trips, starting building a house or entering a new apartment, cottage, office …

This art is called ze-ji xue — the traditional Chinese science of choosing dates favorable to humans. It is included in the list of sciences that Chinese people call the term “Mingli,” which translates as life sciences. This also includes feng shui, bazi, qi less dun jia, i-ching.

The choice of dates is inextricably linked with the ancient Eastern calendar. As you know, in China there are two of them — solar and lunar. Therefore, I also celebrate New Year in this country twice. However, the lunar calendar, so popular in many countries, especially in the Russian Federation, is not particularly important for choosing a good date. Of greater importance is the solar calendar.

The process of selecting dates is quite complicated and time-consuming. The consultant needs to not only calculate the days with the most favorable energy for your task on the calendar, but also calculate your natal astrological chart to compare the personal auspiciousness of the selected day — specifically for you.

Specialists in the choice of dates (tse-zhi) identify several basic settlement systems in this art:

— Technique «12 rulers of the day» (jian-chu), which determines the general trends of the day;
— Calculation of good and bad «stars»;
— 28 lunar sites (looks on the lunar calendar, which, in my opinion, is less effective);
— Calculation of «spirits» and «demons» that affect your luck in time.

Is it easy to learn how to choose dates?

In principle, if you read a couple of books on choosing dates, you can have a basic idea of ​​how to choose a favorable year, month, day, and even an hour. However, in 99% of cases after reading you will get a headache from an abundance of incomprehensible information and Chinese characters.

You can go through a couple of good video courses. But not cheap, but expensive. Moreover, good masters in choosing dates. Alas, I do not teach this art. Therefore, I can advise of the Russian-speaking masters Vladimir Zakharov, Oksana Sakhranova.

What gives a choice of date?

For example, the whole future life of the spouses may depend on the start date of the wedding. The same thing with moving, building a house, etc.

Any important business that we start in our life is affected by the energy of the very first day. This is the law of nature, the law of the Cosmos. This is how the universe works.

A competent, professional choice of a favorable date can help to seriously strengthen your luck and the luck of your business.

What other calculation methods are there?

Consultants who know the ancient secret art of qimen dun jia (which, translated from Chinese, means “the Mystical Gates behind which the Emperor hides”) can use secret techniques to select dates.

This is a separate, completely different from the traditional art of choosing dates, science. Those who are familiar with tsimen can manage time for their own benefit with such dexterity that makes them very strong and successful people.

If you use the date selection according to tsimen and at the same time the classical choice of dates, you can succeed very much in life.

How much does the date picker service cost?

Different consultants charge different prices for this service. Those who are not confident in their knowledge and who have little experience put a very small price.

Good specialists take much more expensive because they understand that you need to spend a lot of your time to choose a good date. These are numerous calculations, calculations, decoding of astrological birth charts and much more.

Experience is also worth the money. As a rule, training in these arts costs more than one thousand US dollars. Pleasure is not cheap.

If you would like to order this service from me, please write to my assistants in the support service. Here is her email: office@dmitrypokrovsky.com.

Which is better: order a consultation on choosing dates or learn all the calculations yourself?

Here everyone decides for himself. All individually.

If you have a lot of life time and you are ready to spend more than 10 years studying Chinese metaphysics, as well as several tens of thousands of dollars, then it is better to study and do the calculations of favorable dates for yourself.

In case you are looking for simple ways and not requiring such high costs, then feel free to order a consultation from me. My mail: office@dmitrypokrovsky.com. Always ready to help you!

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