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Консультация фэншуй. Обучение фэншуй, бацзы, ци мэнь. Китайская метафизика. Фэншуй для денег. Книги по фэншуй и китайской метафизике.

At present, thousands of sites devoted to Chinese metaphysics are working on the World Wide Web. A natural question arises: which one to believe? Which authors should you listen to, and which ones don’t?

In my opinion, none of them, including me, have a license to the truth. It is simply not possible. Therefore, you yourself choose which views to adhere to and which Feng Shui sites to study.

The site «Dmitry Pokrovsky dot com» is one of my projects

The resource you are currently on was created by me several years ago, as a place where I could remotely help thousands of people on Earth. At least Russian-speaking.

One of the primary goals was the need to give people the most accurate information on Chinese metaphysics. Unfortunately, a lot of Feng Shui websites simply shovel with the help of rewriters the information obtained from the books of journalists, followers of Western Feng Shui for silly housewives.

How much I did it (I’m talking about my site), of course, is for you to judge.

What kind of feng shui sites do I use in my work?

There are online resources that greatly facilitate the work of a specialist. For example, these are various calculators batszy and tsimen.

When conducting a remote audit in Feng Shui, I very often use the mingli Internet resource, well-known in the Russian-speaking space.

Could you get an answer to your question?

If you have any further questions, order my consultation right now. To do this, just write to the email address: eng@dmitrypokrovsky.com , use the tools of my site “Dmitry Pokrovsky dot com” or write me a personal message on the social network.

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