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What is included in the concept of «Chinese metaphysics»?

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Today it is very fashionable to talk, write, shoot a video about Chinese metaphysics. But usually this concept is too incomprehensible for an ordinary person. What is «Chinese metaphysics»? What is included in it? Let’s get it right.

According to Wikipedia, metaphysics is a branch of practical philosophy that studies the original nature of reality. The prefix «meta» says that it is «above» physics, that is, on the other side of the life we ​​see.

About Chinese metaphysics, as a separate line of views and a way of thinking, you can find a lot of interesting things on the Internet. Probably because in ancient China, scientists, sages and astrologers very actively studied and systematized the phenomena of nature, as well as knowledge from ancient texts. It is worth emphasizing here: all Chinese metaphysics worked only for the well-being of the country’s leader, the emperor. To mere mortals, these sciences and arts were inaccessible.

Perhaps that is why the hobby for Chinese metaphysics to this day is expensive. It is not for everyone.

At one time, I was very active in the study of metaphysical arts from different countries of the East. So, Tibet has its own varieties of astrology, geomancy, predictive, as well as mystical disciplines. Sachet teachers (the Tibetan counterpart to Chinese Feng Shui) always tell their students that if an uninitiated person, a commoner, begins to practice geomancy, then it will not work. In Tibet, it is believed that these arts work only with highly spiritual and great people. This confirms my idea that these arts are not for everyone!

What is included in Chinese metaphysics?

The metaphysics of China is woven from many factors rooted in Taoism, Buddhism, philosophy, theories of Yin and Yang, Qi, 8 trigrams, 5 elements, etc.

This is Feng Shui, and astrology (Batszy, Ji wei do shu), and the art of qi less dun jia, and physiognomy Mingsyan, and the fortunetelling system of Ijing, and traditional Chinese medicine and dietetics …

All the martial arts of China — kungfu, wushu, can be safely attributed to this. Including tai chi chuan and qigong included in it, which are the peaks of all martial arts of the Celestial Empire.

Is it possible to study all these sciences?

Personally, I have been studying them since 2003 and still cannot say that I know everything 100%. This is a very deep knowledge, plunging into them, it seems that there is no limit to study.

Currently, I only own some of the art of Chinese metaphysics to the extent that I can advise other people. This is feng shui, bazi, tsimen dun jia, choice of dates.

At the same time, over the years I have been additionally studying such arts as: ji wei do shu, minxiang. And I also find time to study the systems of other countries. For example, Tibetan Sachet and Indian Vastu.

How to order a written consultation on feng shui or astrology inexpensively?

Recently, I have been conducting distance consultations by e-mail. It costs about 47 euros.

I am ready to answer one of the most important question for you, using my knowledge in Chinese metaphysics.

To order a remote e-mail consultation, please follow this link.

By default, payment is made in Russian rubles. But if you need to pay in euros or dollars, please choose a payment method Paypal when placing an order.

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