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In the literal translation from Chinese, the word «feng shui» means «wind and water.» However, few can adequately explain what exactly is meant by these words. Let’s get it right.

There is an ancient manuscript called “The Book of Burials,” written by the master Guo Pu (276-324). It first mentions the principles of feng shui. Why exactly in this, to put it mildly, specific edition? Everything is very simple: initially the masters of “wind and water” were exclusively engaged in arranging graves. But not in order, like the Egyptian teachings, to ensure the eternal life of the departed. The graves were arranged in such a way as to provide wealth and long life to living descendants through the bones of their ancestors (no matter how blasphemous this may sound).

Actually, this is what Guo Pu writes in his book: “Qi mounts the wind and scatters, but remains, connecting with water.”

What does this mean?

The main principle of Feng Shui is to provide such an arrangement in a space in which it is well felt and at the same time there is no strong wind.

The energy of life (Chi) coming from the sky, that is, from the vastness of the Cosmos, is accumulated in water, but water alone does not transmit the power accumulated in itself. It is only thanks to the wind that sweeps along the surface of the water that Qi has the ability to travel distances in the necessary direction.

Qi — it is a priori everywhere, in fact. She does not need to move anywhere. She is in every part of this world, even in us. But in order to move, she needs wind — both natural and artificial.

Feng shui means the movement of wind in space

In a simplified sense, this is most close to the truth. If you are not very deeply immersed in Chinese metaphysics, this explanation will be the most correct and competent.

Is it possible for a simple person who had never studied Feng Shui, just after reading an article on the site or studying a pop book, to independently decipher all the subtleties of ancient Chinese art?

Of course not. Personally, I have devoted training for more than 10 years, and this process continues.

What to do if you don’t have that much time, and the situation requires a solution right now? What to do when you need good advice on feng shui?

Order a remote consultation by e-mail: en@dmitrypokrovsky.com, describe your situation, attach a scanned image of the exact plan (drawing) of your property to the letter.

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