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Most people live according to the «factory settings» of the Cosmos. 99% of them do not even understand that somewhere there are mechanisms that tirelessly rotate the time flywheel. What would you say if I said that there are ways to decrypt this code, start living by my own rules?

Most of you would consider me crazy because, in my opinion, this is true. I am the strangest person you have ever met. Because I own the tools to control the mechanisms of reading the fate of any person.

No, I’m not clairvoyant, not psychic, and not even a fortuneteller at the station. I can’t move objects with the power of thought or shoot lightning from my palms, as in the films about X-Men. I do not believe in these tales! Just like you.

I practice a purely scientific approach. Unless, of course, you can use the word «scientific» in relation to metaphysics.

What ways to read fate exist?

In the Chinese tradition — bazi, ji wei do shu, tsimen dun jia. The first two systems are astrology. Tsimen Dun Chia — the oldest military strategic art.

Many people, especially religious ones, are afraid of the word «astrology» because they were told from childhood that it was something dark, inappropriate. Of course, this is not so. Astrology is a protoscience. It was she who gave birth to mathematics, astronomy, biology, philosophy, etc. All discoverers studied astrology in depth. What do you think, would the great minds of mankind devote their lives to the study of what does not work?

So, from ancient times it was known about the influence of cosmic forces on a person. This is exactly what astrology studies. The ebbs and flows, magnetic storms — this is only part of what affects a person. In fact, absolutely everything that happens in space affects. It is no secret that today scientists have seriously come to a solution to this mystery. Do not believe? Read on the Internet about neutrinos and the quantum structure of particles.

Even in antiquity, it was known that a person at his birth is affected by electro-magnetic information waves of different frequencies. The first wave is the energy of the year, the second — of the month or season, the third — of the day, the fourth — of the hour of birth. Of course, there are also minute and second waves, but they, as a rule, are not taken into account, since their influence on the fate of a person is minimal.

So, when a person comes into the world, the Trinity is triggered — the energy of the sky coming from outer space is connected with the human, as well as the energy of the Earth — the surrounding space and people. All four influences — year, month, day and hour — form human energy DNA. It is this that determines the predispositions of you and me to certain actions in life.

The good news: it all computes. The bad: it takes either a lot of time to learn this art, or money to pay a competent consultant.

How much can reading fortune on a birth card cost?

The service is not for everyone. And far from cheap.

In order to find out the fate of any person and his most secret secrets, it is necessary to carry out complex calculations, compare all the data. Astrologers are not psychics. For example, turning to me for a consultation, get ready that I will be interested in you about the details of your life, past, plans for the future, the essence of your question.

Only then will I make the necessary calculations and proceed to decipher the received data.

All this takes an incredibly large amount of time and vitality. I can not speak for all the eastern astrologers who take very little for their work. But I can not afford to take a little money for such a great job. After all, my main principle is quality and an individual approach to each of its clients.

My personal full-time work with your problem for 12 months costs 1,200,000 Russian rubles (approximately $ 16,283 or 15,100 euros). You can place an order here.

My remote consultation via e-mail, instant messengers or social networks for 3 months costs (at the time of this writing) 35,000 Russian rubles (approximately $ 475 or 440 euros). You can place an order here.

My remote written consultation via e-mail (no more than 5 messages in correspondence) costs (at the time of writing this article) 3,700 Russian rubles (approximately $ 50 or 47 euros). You can place an order here.

Where to write to order a consultation?

Write to my mail: office@dmitrypokrovsky.com.
I answer both in Russian, and English, French.

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