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Qigong / Taiji

I first learned what qigong is when I was in school. It seems that it was 1998 or 1999. In Russia, it was still very difficult to find sections on Wushu, and such types of kung fu as tai chi chuan were generally a secret behind seven seals.

Like many at that time, I learned the basics of qigong through books. The first author to give an understanding of the principles of this art was Won Kew Keith.

However, to study the ancient Chinese art of healing and self-defense from books (qigong and especially tai chi chuan, which includes qigong) is not an easy task.

A little later I got the opportunity to take training courses from many masters of China and Europe.

Andrey Afanasiev
Andrey Afanasiev

In 2018, I was fortunate enough to be a student of the real Tai Chi Chuan master, Andrei Afanasyev. This is a famous martial artist, a specialist in karate, wushu, wing chun, xingyi quan, qigong, a student of grand master Jang Ji Bin, the hereditary master of the tribal style, Tai Ji Quan, whose father and grandfather, being Great Masters, are well-known in the countries of the former USSR trained the imperial guard of China.

Under the guidance of Andrei Afanasyev, I studied one of the very complex complexes of the Jan family style — 48 forms.

Currently, I continue to study and practice tai chi and, especially, qigong (“Five Beast Games”, “8 pieces of brocade”).

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