Dmitry Pokrovsky

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I approach metaphysics from a scientific point of view. But not a science that dictates to the world what is right and what cannot be simply because it is not recognized by scientists. For me, science is a process of observing and studying the unknown, systematizing the knowledge gained in practice.

In my opinion, the problem of modern science is that scientists find the unknown in the already known. For example, they have seriously advanced in the study of already understandable facts.

What did scientists do in the past? They searched for the known, that is, the understandable (they tried to comprehend) in the unknown. That is why many centuries ago we had grandiose scientific discoveries.

Metaphysics is a science that has been the pioneers of modern science. It was not something humiliating, wrong. On the contrary, it was metaphysics, philosophy, secret mystical and esoteric knowledge that contributed to the serious development of modern science.

I began to seriously engage in Eastern metaphysical disciplines since 2003. At first I studied books on this subject, then — I decided to learn from living people, famous masters.

The process of my training is still ongoing. This is an eternal process of self-education. My personal drug in this life.

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