Dmitry Pokrovsky

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My introduction to journalism took place in 2005. I was still a student.

On the same day, I went to the editorial office of the local newspaper «Aleksinskie Vesti» and brought a note about the poetry circle, of which I was then a member. They were happy to publish it. It was very nice. Then I brought more, and they started giving me tasks to write about people, tell about events…

As a result, a year later I was invited to the editorial office. This is how my professional journalistic career began.

I worked for this newspaper for several years. I got very little money for my work, but I liked it very much.

After that, I was invited to work for another newspaper — «Prioksky Krai».

In 2009, I decided to publish my own Newspapers. Two at once. One of them, on the subject of sports, lasted on the market for more than a year. In parallel, I opened my own news Agency and participated in the publication of three other Newspapers in my city. And not only as a journalist, but also as a designer.

In 2013, I was invited to the position of editor-in-chief of the local radio station «Aleksin 107.3 FM» and the newspaper «Vecherniy Aleksin».

Finally, in 2016, the Circle of life returned me to the editorial office of the newspaper «Aleksinskie Vesti», with which I started my professional career.

I am currently a full-time employee of a major media holding and a Deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper. Despite my own consulting and publishing business, I decided to remain a journalist. Why? Simply because, from the point of view of astrology, journalism is a useful deity for me, helping to realize my energy potential.

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