Dmitry Pokrovsky

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I was born in a Christian family, brought up in the traditions of the Orthodox faith. However, since childhood, I could not help but notice many things that aroused my questions.

Being a religious person and truly spiritual is another. I was convinced of this in June 2016. That day I attended a very interesting rite — initiation into the Cossacks. This happened in one of the small temples located on the border of the forest.

At some point, the priest began shouting, humiliating the parishioners of the temple, humiliating them, manipulating them, hiding behind religion. I was shocked. Everything became clear to me. This was for me the starting point of my new, more conscious life.

Even now I can come to the temple, put candles near the icons. But now I have a different attitude towards religious organizations and distinguish between where spirituality ends and where religion begins.

The search for truth led me to get acquainted with Taoism and Buddhism. But Taoism is much closer to me. No, I’m talking specifically about philosophical Taoism, as the oldest naturophilosophy. I don’t understand religious Taoism at all.

Taoism for me is a way of thinking, which, in my opinion, most accurately conveys the true nature of things. And although I do not have a license for the truth, my research works say that much of what is inherent in the understanding of Tao is close to the truth.

I do not encourage anyone to be united by views on religion. Everyone has their own choice of what to believe. I write all this so that you understand me more than you would if you did not read it 🙂

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