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Консультация фэншуй. Обучение фэншуй, бацзы, ци мэнь. Китайская метафизика. Фэншуй для денег. Книги по фэншуй и китайской метафизике.

The other day, my mini-book «How to choose a property yourself? Secret Feng Shui Methods You Did Not Know About. “It can already be bought on Amazon.com (so far in Russian — but options are already being prepared in English and French).

Here are a few excerpts from this book (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B088WY9FLG)

Have you ever wondered how exactly the surrounding space affects your well-being? I’m sure not. Modern man is designed so that he does not notice many things. To be precise, it seems to him that he knows everything. But this is not so.

I hasten to immediately warn you: in this book there will be no traditional rules for choosing real estate for purchase. Rather, the focus on them will not be made. This is not another book for realtors who already know how to work. They perfectly understand all the subtleties of their business.

This book is for ordinary people and very little for realtors. Why is that? It’s just that real estate professionals only care about sales. But not the welfare of those who buy. It is difficult for realtors to understand that each apartment or house is a unique object. In the sense that for some it will bring happiness and wealth, for others it will bring misfortune and death.

Our planet is just a part of the infinite Cosmos. Consequently, all the laws in force in the Universe affect every particle of everything that happens on Earth. Including us.

Ancient scholars have deduced many patterns that affect human success and health. No, I will not torment you with complex terminology. I will only say one thing: energy does not exist only in electrical outlets and wires. It is in your body, it helps to live in the literal sense of the word. It exists in motionless objects, even on earth. Is this energy moving and is it able to affect us and you?

It will seem strange, but yes. This happens regardless of your desire, gender, age, country, political views, religion. It always happens — even now when you read these lines.

What happens when a person buys real estate, trusting only intuition? Guided by whether he loves a house or apartment?

To be honest, it’s the same as playing the lottery. You either won or not, 50/50.

In the process of thousands of observations made over the past 10 centuries, scientists have established a fact: each property can either help its owners or harm them. In some houses, the atmosphere gives strength to residents, in others — everything is so terrible that in such rooms people often get sick, there are a lot of problems in their lives.

But you have a choice: to act like everyone else, to buy property impulsively or to read this book to the end and find out how not to step on an invisible rake.

This book is useful for those who are now in search of a land plot, house or apartment. And even for those who are just thinking about buying a new property. The book will be useful to realtors, employees of real estate agencies.

You will receive a practical checklist for the proper selection of a land plot, cottage or apartment. You can independently carry out the necessary calculations without resorting to specialists. By purchasing this book, you have saved not only a lot of money, but also years of study with highly paid masters of China, India, Tibet, Malaysia and the Russian Federation.

I cannot promise you that after studying this book you can find the perfect property for yourself within three or seven days. Each of you is individual, with its own characteristics. Each has its own deadlines for obtaining a result.

No, I can’t guarantee that you will succeed. It is assumed that the reader of this book is an independent person, ready to take responsibility for his life and actions. But I am ready to give a guarantee that on the pages of this book I will provide valuable information that has been tested in practice. Dozens of my clients and millions of masters, admirers of eastern metaphysical art, were convinced of its effectiveness.

This book is not a Feng Shui textbook. He will not have complicated and strange terminology, formulas and calculations. I tried to give you only specific and practical advice that will help you in solving your problem.

Where to live:
in a metropolis, provincial town or village?

Each of us goes through several stages of formation throughout our lives. Each of them has its own priorities.

When a person is young, he seeks to earn money, build a career, personal growth. If at the same time he lives in a remote village or provincial city, in which there is no way to get big money and get professional development, then, of course, he should pay attention to large cities and megacities. They always have a lot of traffic — both financial and energy. The standard of living here is always higher, more opportunities.

Almost every second inhabitant of any country in the world dreams and tries to move to live and work in a megalopolis.

Imagine that you are now in the center of the movement of big money, incredible prospects. You breathe in the air of freedom and new opportunities, you feel with your fingertips how banknotes of money rustle in your hands …

How is the feeling? And now some sad statistics. About 90% of young and active residents of large cities experience serious health problems, personal lives, and relationships with people. Ancient scholars many centuries ago knew why this was happening.

In order not to turn this book into an almanac of scientific articles, I’ll say simply: if money is the main thing for you in life, choose big cities! If it is important for you to be healthy, happy and loved — make a choice in favor of quiet and calm cities, towns, villages.

Which area in the city to choose?

Everyone knows: rich people live in rich areas, poor people live in poor ones. The more energy of growth and development in the territory, the more expensive are apartments, houses and land. Although, of course, there are exceptions to the rules.

Pay attention to an interesting point that few people know about. All cities, as a rule, stand on the banks of rivers. If you look in the direction of the river, then on the right bank is usually always more expensive than on the left. More favorable in terms of buying real estate objects are always located on the right bank, as well as in places that the river «embraces» its course.

Look for a sequel in the book! Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B088WY9FLG

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