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For many Internet users, Feng Shui is primarily associated with technology to receive money without straining. Very often, reading information in popular books and magazines, one gets the impression that the ancient art of the East was originally intended to make money. But is it really so?

All that the average citizen knows about the art of Feng Shui is where to put a toad with coins so that money begins to pour from the ceiling. More advanced people preach the cult that if you put furniture in the house “according to Feng Shui,” then you don’t have to work — money will start to appear in your wallet or in your bank account.

Of course, all this is nonsense. Well, almost everything.

Classical Chinese Feng Shui has always been a privilege of the imperial palace. Simply put, only the Emperor was entitled to use it. Did he need money? Personally, I do not think that this was the number one goal of the head of state. He was already provided with everything necessary. It is possible that the emphasis was not on gaining wealth, but rather on ensuring the imperial palace prosperity (otherwise, the political age of the ruler would not be long).

The emperor and his court masters of Feng Shui were puzzled by several other issues. First of all, it was important that the Emperor achieved immortality. The emphasis was on health during life, as well as the immortality of the soul after the death of the body, as well as the prosperity of the descendants of the Emperor (the so-called Yin Feng Shui was used in this matter).

Summarizing all of the above, it makes sense to assume that money in feng shui is not the main thing. Why are they, if due to lack of health, you can not use them?

Nevertheless, the formulas for money in Feng Shui still exist. They are very effective, their work is proven by tens of thousands of people around the world. But this, alas, is not about frogs with coins. It’s not even about positive thinking and wish cards.

There is a whole range of techniques and techniques related to feng shui for money. But they do not cause moneyfall from the sky. In order to use the activation of monetary Feng Shui, you must still have a source (or at least options) of the probable receipt of finance.

Classic Feng Shui has always been just a tool that helped a person achieve more in his life. But it was never a guarantee that he would achieve this.

In this understanding, everything always depends on the person himself. Only his actions determine whether he can achieve his plan or not. And if something goes wrong, it’s not Feng Shui’s fault, but the man himself.

As the master of feng shui Vladimir Zakharov says, feng shui is just a factor. If you use this art, you can simply multiply that amount of finances or other indicators of your happiness by X. But if you have zero by now or you don’t do anything and sit on the pope waiting for a miracle … Here the arithmetic is simple: no matter how much you multiply zero, the same number will remain on the output …

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