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About consultation

Before ordering a consultation from me, you confirm that you are fully familiar with the following information.

Example of consultation

What is a metaphysical consultation?

This is a search for the answer to your question, during which special calculations are made. These calculations are based on the laws of mathematics, astronomy, biology, Geology, quantum physics, as well as the philosophy and worldview of ancient civilizations that inhabited our planet hundreds of centuries ago.

Very often, the research uses astrology, which is a protoscience-the source of modern astronomy, physics, mathematics, etc. Everything is based on calculations that have clear algorithms and laws, the accuracy of which is proven by the millennial history of our civilization.

On the other hand, the technologies I use in my calculations are primarily art. They show only General trends, trends. At the same time, you have the right to choose — to follow them or go another way.

In fact, during the consultation process, I am exploring your energy DNA and the energy potential of your real estate.

Metaphysical consultation is not related to fortune-telling on cards or coffee grounds. I am not a clairvoyant, psychic, or healer. I’m just like you! The only thing that sets us apart is that I have the keys to solve your problem.

My key competence

I can help you find your purpose in life. Understand what to do in life. What to choose: business or career? In which direction to move in order to have money? What is the meaning of your life? What profession should I choose?

As for other topics, sometimes instead of an answer, I can recommend you another, no less good specialist, who is much better versed in the issue than I am.

How does the consultation work?

First, you fill out the form in detail and send it to me.

If I agree to conduct a consultation for you, you will receive your Bank details and payment methods via email.

As soon as your payment is credited to my account, I will conduct all the necessary research within 5 business days and send you ready — made responses, either in video format or in writing, depending on the pricing plan.

What do I need for a consultation?

The hour, day, month, and year, as well as your birthplace.

If the question concerns real estate, then a scan of the plan of the premises or land plot, as well as the exact coordinates on the Google Mapps.

How do I ask a question correctly?

I don’t answer questions like «See what I have there…», «tell Me something about me…», «What does this guy think of me…».

If you ask a question just for fun or to test my knowledge — just close this site and forget about it forever. Don’t waste your precious life time on me and on yourself. It can’t be returned.

During the consultation process, I only answer a specific, clearly formulated question!

For example. Instead of saying: «When will I become rich?», it is correct to ask: «What should I do to become rich?».

It is important to remember that I only answer one specific question. If you have another question, but on a different topic — I will offer to pay for a new consultation, because for the answer I will again need training, I need to spend a lot of time and energy to study.

Please note: I can only give you an answer based on your personal birth card! If you want me to study another person’s map and tell you something related to it, then this is possible only with the written (or video) consent of that person!

What format of consultation is possible?

There are two options: remote and full-time.

If you choose remote, you should understand that the accuracy of the result of my research will be no more than 64%.

What does the cost of a consultation consist of?

If you think that it is enough to read a couple of books and take Express courses to become an expert in metaphysics — you are mistaken.

In order to provide professional advice and give you authoritative advice, I have been studying for more than 10 years. Over the years, I have completed courses and trainings worth over $ 40,000. Currently, I continue to invest money in my self-education, studying with the best masters.

The study of the metaphysics is very expensive. Experience and time also cost a lot.

Therefore, to find a solution to your problem, you have two ways:
1) Spend 10+ years on training and several tens of thousands of dollars;
2) Order a consultation from me for much less money and get ready-made advice within the next 5 days.

The only question is, what exactly do you choose?

Will there be a guarantee?

I can not guarantee that after receiving a consultation from me, you will be able to 100% solve your question.
First, it is your life. Only you decide whether to follow my advice or not. My clients are supposed to be independent and willing to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the current level of your personal luck, the space around you, as well as your mental attitude (thinking, life experience, etc.).

I can guarantee that with my help, achieving your goals will be much faster and more economical. Whether you reach them or not is up to you.

The guarantee is an illusion. The only thing I can guarantee you 100% is that you will leave this world sooner or later. Because no one lives forever. Everything else, in most cases, is in a constant process of change. This is the law of life: everything changes, no one can guarantee that tomorrow will be exactly as it was yesterday. Or exactly as you planned it.

About getting a refund

I publicly guarantee that I will refund you all your money (minus the transfer fee) if you decide that we are not suitable for each other within 10 days after receiving an answer to your question from me.

At the same time, I reserve the right to refuse you new orders for my consultations, as well as the purchase of books, video lessons and master classes. If we didn’t fit together once, we probably won’t fit together again.

If you expect a miracle from me…

Then you should leave the house right now, take the bus, go to the train station, go to platform 9 3/4 and take the train to Hogwarts… The chances of meeting wizards will be greater.

I don’t have a magic wand that will 100% solve all your problems. But there are effective and secret tools that can really help you become Harry Potter in your life.

Legal component of the consultation

When ordering a consultation from me, you do not pay for air, but for a specific product. At the exit, you have the result of the consultation in the form of a video recording or a document in pdf format.

All our relationships are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation, where I am a resident. In particular, by a public agreement-an offer that is published on the site dmitrypokrovsky.com.

Confidential information provided by you for the consultation is not disclosed to third parties. There are many well-known public figures among my clients, and I understand how important this is:

So, if you agree with the indicated rules, you can proceed to filling out a form to order a personal consultation from me.

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