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Консультация фэншуй. Обучение фэншуй, бацзы, ци мэнь. Китайская метафизика. Фэншуй для денег. Книги по фэншуй и китайской метафизике.

I am sure that you have already heard about ancient science and the mysterious art called feng shui. You probably think you know well what it is. Many books have been written about this, which are very popular with naive housewives. Especially the countries of Europe — for example, in France. Positive thinking, talismans, design, choice of color of clothes and feng shui hairstyles …

At one time I read a lot of such books. And he sincerely believed that if the book was printed and hit the shelves, it means that the information contained in it can be trusted.

In the Russian Federation, feng shui fashion began in the late 90s and early 2000s. In many ways, this was facilitated by the books of the talented master of psychology, positive thinking and simplified feng shui Natalya Pravdina. As far as I know, she studied with one of the Chinese masters of Chinese metaphysics, but most of her knowledge was obtained from Lilian Tu and other feng shui adherents from Europe.

Her books were real bestsellers. Women especially loved them, because in these publications the main emphasis was not on classical Feng Shui, but on psychology, esotericism, mythology and superstition of illiterate Chinese. But how much motivation and positive is in these books! To this day, I bow my head before Natalya Pravdina, who made millions of women fall in love with feng shui not only in Russia but also in other Russian-speaking countries.

Honestly, I do not really believe in the great effectiveness of the techniques discussed in the books of Truth. However, I myself began to study feng shui precisely with these publications. These were my first textbooks on Chinese metaphysics.

Pop feng shui master

Today, in many countries where Natalya Pravidina’s books were popular, as much is known about Feng Shui as was written by this author. People sincerely believe that this is the science of placing objects in a house in an absolutely illogical and understandable way only for women. What if you put Chinese figurines in the house, hang the music of the wind — the life of family members will improve significantly.

True, of course there is. But not because of the talismans.

However, many Feng Shui masters in Europe (including France) are unaware of this. Or do not want to learn more serious tricks.

Why do I think so? The fact is that in the countries of the European Economic Union, as well as in the USA, the direction of Feng Shui, which is commonly called “pop” in Russia, is very popular. This is a very simplified, superficial knowledge, neofengshui. There is very little classical knowledge left in it.

The saddest thing is that many of the famous feng shui masters today have become so, simply by reading a couple of these best-selling books. And now, having become authorities, they are teaching a frivolous approach to the serious science of others.

Today it is a big trend in Europe — Feng Shui masters work in pop style. Because it is very simple — just read a few books. And you can already advise …

Perhaps that is why many people in the world underestimate feng shui, laugh at the people who use it in their lives. They think this is all very simple. It is enough to sleep in the right geographical direction, clean up the house more often, whisper strange mantras, whisper 80 times a day and meditate. And happiness, wealth and a strong family themselves will fall from heaven …

Why didn’t I become a master of pop feng shui?

Yes, I could be like that. But I decided to study this art more seriously. And not only from books, but also directly — from the masters themselves. Among them were Anatoly Sokolov, Alexander Cradenov, Vladimir Zakharov, Inna Volkova, Oksana Sakhranova …

When I began to study real classic Feng Shui, I realized that many things written in books are incorrect. It turned out that in order to master at least the basics of this art, it is necessary to devote many years to this. For example, I have been studying feng shui since 2009, and even today I can’t say that I was able to study it 100%.

So is it possible to become a feng shui master just by reading a book? Can. In the end, the name «master» is given by the client. If you helped him, then for him you are a master. Nefeng Shui does popfin help? Yes, but only 30%. More effective methods are practiced by adherents of true classical Chinese art.

© Dmitry Pokrovsky

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