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Консультация фэншуй. Обучение фэншуй, бацзы, ци мэнь. Китайская метафизика. Фэншуй для денег. Книги по фэншуй и китайской метафизике.

In the Russian Federation, as in other Russian-speaking countries, the fame of ancient Chinese art under the name Feng Shui began just from books. Many masters known today do not hide the fact that they began to get acquainted with oriental metaphysics from pop books.

I started with them. My first “books” on Feng Shui were the books of Natalia Pravdina. They say that the works of Lilian Tu were no less popular, however, I admit, I did not meet them in bookstores.

Yes, then it was still fashionable to read books. There was very little information about Feng Shui, and what was published to the masses was bought up very quickly. This is already now, from the perspective of many years of practice and training directly from the masters, I can only ironically perceive what was written in those books. All these «secret secrets» of pop western feng shui with talismans, affirmations, zones of wealth …

When I first came in contact with the classic Feng Shui, then for me there was a real shock. It would seem that I read so many books on this art, but did not understand anything at all. Some kind of «flying stars», «four defenders», water and mountain dragons … It turned out that I did not know anything about real feng shui.

Then I decided to postpone books on Feng Shui and go to study with living people — those who already understand this enough, have experience.

I met in professional courses of Anatoly Sokolov, Alexander Kradenov, Vladimir Zakharov, Oksana Sakhranova, Sergey Andreev, Alexei Levandovsky, Yuri Sbitnev and many others.

Only then did I begin to understand at least something in the traditional arts of the East.

All I want to say in this article is that the best books on Feng Shui (in terms of the source of training) will be their authors. A book is only a keeper of information, but not knowledge. Even if there are books with instructions, but there are no people who have this knowledge, no one will be able to create something worthwhile.

In addition to books, you also need experience, as well as a personal understanding of the art by the master.

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