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Feng Shui forecast for October 2020

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The inhabitants of planet Earth will have a difficult month of the fire dog, which will begin on October 7 and end on November 7 according to the solar (astronomical) Chinese calendar.

Mercury retrograde will add fuel to the fire that will affect all people in the world from October 14 to November 3. During this period, you should not start a new business, but it is good to complete old projects.

For those born on the day of the snake, the dog is a symbolic star, enlivening romantic events and increasing attractiveness.

If you were born in the month of the pig, health support is activated for you in October, you need a doctor.

It is advisable not to make long journeys to the east and north in October, since the negative energies of star 5 are in these directions.

Auspicious dates for October

October 8 is an auspicious date for official openings, signing contracts, holding festive events. Suitable for buying valuable real estate, starting a new job. The date is not suitable for people born in the year of the Tiger.

October 14, 26 — dates are good for long-term deals. For everything that I would like to do for a long time and get a stable result. Dates are not suitable for those born in the year of the Monkey.

When is the risk of contracting viruses and other infectious diseases increased?

October 7, 19, 31 — on these dates it is also easier to get sick, which is especially important now. Therefore, these days you should refrain from visiting hospitals and less contact with other people, as the risk of contracting infections increases.

Unfavorable dates

October 16, 18, 28, 30 — these days it is unfavorable to start important business. Difficulties, obstacles, problems are possible.

October 9, 21, November 2 — days are not suitable for great activity, organizing important events, for starting treatment. But you can use them to complete old things.

October 20, 22 — Days without wealth. They are not suitable for starting a business and for starting a business whose purpose is to make a profit.

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