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Top 10 real rules of Feng Shui that will make you happy

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Read the most popular article about fengshui, which is published on the Russian » Yandex.Zen»? The author of the channel «School of the young esoteric» claims that the main thing in fengshui to achieve happiness is to tune in to its reception. And he also gives 10 rules of fengshui for happiness. I suggest that we examine them in more detail.

The first rule. Love the color red.

The author says that you need to actively use red attributes in your life, especially in the house. In my opinion, this is a very doubtful statement, since red is not always useful in the room, and sometimes it can bring trouble at all. In many ways, this is also related to interactions with trigrams.

The second rule. Get rid of unnecessary junk!

The author claims that «everything old and battered has negative energy «and that» Storing such items in the house leads to blocking positive energy».

I agree that junk is, without a doubt, a negative factor that leads not to blocking positive energy (energy alone — there is no special positive or negative energy), but to its stopping and stagnation. However, it should be understood that the favorable flow of energy in space may not necessarily be blocked by trash. Sometimes there are more serious things to remember. For example, the terrain where the house is located. For some reason, no one writes about it. Although this is the Foundation of the basics.

The third rule. Part with broken mirrors and glass

This rule is more of a superstition than a classic fengshui study of mountains, rivers, and plains. So, no comment.

The fourth rule. Take care of the talismans

Author of a popular article on Yandex.Zen «claims that» Feng Shui offers a variety of talismans, amulets, amulets.» Seriously? They put everything back in the pile. If we are talking about fengshui, then there are no talismans there. A true and competent master of this art of the East say: symbolism is only 10% effective. There are much more serious techniques that can be performed without amulets and statuettes in space.

Rule five — that «fengshui» allegedly «does not recommend going back when you have already passed the halfway point». To be honest, in many years of studying this art, I have never read this anywhere. At least, in ancient treatises on fengshui. Rather, it is the property of Taoism. Which, naturally, permeates all Chinese metaphysics.

The sixth rule. Beware of sharp corners.

The author of the article makes a strange statement that because of the danger of sharp corners, Eastern peoples live in rooms without furniture, and their tables have a rounded shape.

I don’t agree with the author. First, sharp corners can only really be dangerous under certain conditions. Not always and everywhere. Secondly, about Unfurnished rooms and round tables among successful people, for example, in modern China, including Hong Kong — something I doubt…

Rule seven. Don’t worry unnecessarily.

«Why waste your energy and nerves on things that can be easily fixed? And if you can’t, then why worry?». Excellent Taoist, you can say — a fundamental message to people.

But what does fengshui have to do with it?

Rule eight. Don’t point

The author argues that this gesture is able to remove the luck from the person. I will not argue — I did not delve into superstition.

But again, the question is: what does fengshui have to do with this?

Rule nine. No to the word «no»

According to the author, saying » no » a person destroys their energy. Personally, I have not met anything in fengshui, studying the movement of water flows and wind in space nothing like this.

It was only in books on positive thinking. But they have nothing to do with classical fengshui.

And finally, rule ten. Fill the void!

The author writes: «Feng Shui calls for never leaving something empty. First of all, we are talking about the wallet. It should always ring coins. The same rule applies to the wardrobe, car, Desk, refrigerator. There should be no emptiness, because this negatively affects the energy of things, homes and people!»

Unfortunately, fengshui never calls for filling in anything. First, this happens by itself (if we are talking about the movement of energy in space), and secondly, in Taoism, emptiness, on the contrary, is a symbol of the ideal and creative all in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any logic here either.

In General, I liked the article that I read on the Russian-language Internet. Of course, there wasn’t a word about real fengshui in it. But, alas, people are willing to believe in talismans and mystical rituals, rather than something more serious and effective…. and although some mystical things do work (for example, FA Qimen), I am in favor of a more scientific approach to fengshui…

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