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Feng Shui mascots: how effective are they really?

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Every day, thousands of people around the world ask Internet search engines about the kind of talismans in feng shui that help in attracting money, family happiness, success and good health. But is it really that Chinese talismans and other oriental souvenirs are capable of all this?

As studies, including my own, show, the first thing 99% of the world’s population think about feng shui is that this art deals with superstitions, arranging furniture in a house in a very strange way and using various fancy talismans from a Chinese souvenir shop.

All these people know about Feng Shui exclusively from the books of the master of positive thinking, Natalia Pravdina. In the early 2000s, her works in large numbers were released in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. The popularity of these books was enormous, as it was the first source of at least some information about Feng Shui, the most accessible for everyone. I myself began my fascination with Chinese metaphysics precisely from the books of Natalia Pravdina.

I respect her very much and am grateful for my undeniable contribution to the popularization of the ancient knowledge of the East in the Russian-speaking space. That’s just what exactly was told to people in these best-selling book books, often very much departed from the classical foundations of ancient feng shui. They had a lot of psychology, the philosophy of housewives, a Western superficial approach to serious and very ancient things. Perhaps that is why people finally realized the absurdity of many book recipes and began to laugh at feng shui, not knowing the art of truth about it.

Feng Shui Talismans in Chinese Life

Talismans exist in any culture, including Slavic. Each one has their own.

For the Chinese, three-legged toads holding coins, mandarin ducks or formidable guards — fu dogs — are a common part of everyday life. Unlike us, the Chinese put their own meanings in the image of deities, saints or mythical animals. Therefore, of course, feng shui talismans work for them.

Will they work for a European? Is not a fact. At least the use of talismans is only 10%, and sometimes only 5% of the total potential that feng shui can give people. To be as frank as possible, this ancient art, which is translated from Chinese as “wind and water,” has nothing to do with talismans at all.

All these golden hotteys, crystal balls, pyramids, money trees that people try to order in bulk in China are an integral part of the Chinese culture. No more.

Will Feng Shui work if you step aside from Chinese culture? Yes, it will. Though not at all 100%, but at 95% — for sure.

Where to buy feng shui mascots? And is it worth it?

If you believe in the power of talismans, you can safely choose from a large assortment.

I do not know how in the United States of America, but in the Russian Federation there are many feng shui merchandise stores. There are always on sale talismans for attracting money, for saving a family, searching for a soul mate, a gourd pumpkin for good health and recovery.

Personally, I don’t really believe in the power of Feng Shui mascots. Although sometimes (mainly for beauty) I can put on my table a figure of Hottey or a three-legged frog. But this is not Feng Shui, and I understand that perfectly.

Of all these tsatsks, I am most loyal to wind music and bells. No, I no longer believe in the magical properties of these items. But this is a great instrument that produces a metallic sound. Which, in turn, is a good activator of qi in space, in some cases.

Need advice on Feng Shui Mascots?

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