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How to read feng shui characters

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Symbolism in ancient Chinese art Feng Shui — in my opinion, this is utter nonsense, to be honest. However, it works. At least, as a famous expert in Eastern metaphysics Vladimir Zakharov would say, at the level of synchronism …

Over the years of my research, both Chinese ancient teachings and Western ones (for example, the Scandinavian runes), I began to find more and more similarities between symbolism in different cultures. Moreover, often, this is not just a tribute to religions — in most cases, these are signs that mysteriously can enter into resonance with cosmic vibrations.

Feng Shui and symbols: how does it work?

There are several varieties of symbolism in the metaphysical sciences. These are universal, understandable by all cultures of the world, intracultural and religious, as well as personal for each particular individual.

Symbols work at the level of our subconscious. Usually, feng shui symbols work even when we don’t think about their meaning, but we know it: just look at a particular sign.

If we see something aggressive, it, on a subconscious level, brings aggression into our lives. The same thing with positive characters.

For example, it is considered fashionable in the West to hang pictures of Feng Shui. And although it also has nothing to do with Feng Shui itself, the pictures are selected on the basis of the symbolic meaning that the image carries. If a person strives for abundance, it is logical that it should be depicted in the chosen picture.

Any picture, from the position of Feng Shui, should cause only positive emotions. This is the main rule in Feng Shui symbols and their meaning.

There is another explanation for why symbols work. There is a scientific theory about a single information field. Each object, if people endow it with hidden meanings, becomes a kind of diskette on which the keys to world consciousness are written. When we come into contact with one or another Feng Shui symbol, we automatically interact with the energy-information fields of a very large and powerful field. Which, in certain situations, can also «influence» the ability of talismans to show their magical abilities.

What are the characters in FS?

Among the hidden characters of feng shui, the Russian-speaking master Anatoly Sokolov, from whom I studied, highlights several examples. Among them is the image of the Christian crucifix, which can be seen in the outlines of an ordinary window frame.

Or, for example, the X-shaped lattice can remind your subconscious of the ban, because X’s outline resembles the prohibition sign in many ways. In Old Norse runes, this sign, on the contrary, is very positive. It means the Hebo rune, the symbol of union.

Should I use characters in feng shui?

If you believe in them and they are very important to you — feel free to use, there will be no harm. Of course, if these are positive characters.

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