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The main rules of feng shui

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TOP 10 main rules of the ancient art of Feng Shui, which you might not even have guessed.

10th rule of feng shui

What is outside the window is much more important than what is inside your apartment or house.

9th rule of feng shui

It doesn’t matter where exactly you measure the facade of your home. The important thing is from which side Water comes, and from which — Mountain.

8th rule of feng shui

The main activator in the house is not a fountain or a candle at all. This is ourselves.

7th rule of feng shui

Sharp corners are not so much carried by the invisible rays of Sha-Qi, but a real threat to shock you and your loved ones.

6th rule of feng shui

To hell with the harmony in the room! More importantly, what we really want to achieve from our lives. When we possess this information, we simply use energy acupuncture to achieve our goals.

5th rule of feng shui

A fountain, installed as an activator, in certain places of your home or office is able to make you and your entire family (colleagues) absolutely bankrupt and losers in one inclusion! Watch out!

4th rule of feng shui

The health and well-being of your family is much more important than fashionable design and your personal Wishlist.

3rd rule of feng shui

Sometimes you can achieve the most powerful effect by simply airing the room in the house or after a general cleaning.

2nd rule of feng shui

If you are comfortable in the chair, this does not mean that it helps you achieve your goals. The same is with your home. If you are conveniently located somewhere, it does not mean at all that there are good feng shui. As a rule, everything happens the other way around.

1st rule of feng shui

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