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Need advice from a competent specialist in eastern astrology, chronobiology or geomancy?

Your life is not a collection of accidents. You often notice that in the world there are invisible laws of Nature, which bring one people success and money, others problems.

Imagine what would happen if you could make friends with the mysterious laws of Nature and, thereby, solve your problems? Money, health, personal life …

What I learn and practice is not a magic wand. This is just a tool, a technology. Therefore, I NEVER GIVE WARRANTY that you will 100% get what you want. It all depends entirely on you.

If you are an adult, ready to take responsibility for your own actions, with my help you can achieve your goal much faster and easier.


Four steps to solving your problem

You pay for my professional experience, knowledge, life time, expert advice in a difficult situation.

Before becoming an expert in the field of metaphysics, I had to spend more than 10 years and more than $40 000 to study in this field.

And this is not to mention the long years of practice and consultation in this area.

Yes, I do not accept everyone in my personal work — only those who match the level of my current clients. That is why the registration record for consultation on V.I.P. The tariff is limited to several places.

If you are not eligible for VIP, you can always order a remote consultation by choosing a different tariff.

  1. Choose a tariff

  2. Fill in the form

  3. If we are suitable for each other, then I will offer you to pay 100% prepayment for the service

  4. After your payment, I carry out the necessary studies. As a result, you will receive (at your choice) a written report or video with answers to your questions, recommendations.

Important: full-time consultation is temporarily held only in Russian!

Written answers are possible in English.

My main clients are Russian-speaking residents of the USA and European countries.

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